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A Dublin Chipper

"Thanks be to Cod" is the moniker you'll find on the door of Eamonn's A Dublin Chipper, a vision the Armstrongs dreamt of ever since opening their celebrated Restaurant Eve. The 20-seat 'chipper' is a dedication to Dublin native Chef Armstrong's son, Eamonn.

An Irish Ritual

"The notion stems from the first time Cathal introduced me to the Irish ritual of fish and chips. He took me to Leo Burdock's, a Dublin institution. It was a hole-in-the-wall take-away, but the identity was immediate with a queue out the door and a young 'Jackeen' behind the counter. "Ya wunna salt and vinegar with ya Cod and large, missus?" he said to me in a thick Dublin accent. From that day on, I was hooked and understood why THIS was the food of the people."Meshelle Armstrong
The Blue Light
The intimate speakeasy, PX, exists above Eamonn's, marked by a blue light on Columbus St. If the light is on it is open for business. Reservations online, or try knocking the door. Available for parties.
For the first time ever PX will be open Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in the week before Christmas. Please see the PX website for a full list of holiday hours.

Our Market

Many of the products used in the kitchen at Eamonn's, Bar PX and Restaurant Eve are available for purchase at our market, Society Fair, a short walk from Eamonn's.

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My Irish Table
Debut cookbook by Cathal Armstrong featuring recipes showcasing modern Irish fare, and stories about his journey from Dublin to Washington, D.C.