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Behind the Curtain- Created from the originators of  Restaurant Eve.Restaurant EvePhoto of Todd ThrasherTodd Thrasher-The man behind the mixes. It is the simple truth that a fine cocktail should have qualities of a lady. Beguiling, balanced, bittersweet and always leave you wanting more.Photo of New Age Gibson cocktail

The Todd Thrasher Story

General Manager, Sommelier & Liquid Savant

True to the slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers,” Todd Thrasher, a native Virginian, is a lover of many things—scuba diving, Bonaire, playing golf; cooking; but most importantly, his love for the creation of the perfect artisan cocktail and his knowledge of wine. Todd came to Restaurant Eve (110 S. Pitt Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 703.706.0450, www.restauranteve.com) with a distinguished vintage palate, a keen eye for the freshest ingredients and the flavors they impart and a deep love of the hospitality industry.

Never one to handle any task in the requisite manner, Todd has done everything from hone his skills as a scuba diving instructor to breathing fire a la Gene Simmons to the expert sabering of a bottle of champagne. But it’s his expert wine lists for Restaurant Eve, The Majestic and PX that have earned him acclaim—and even more so for his amazing variety of liquid gold—his trend setting cocktails, that have garnered him highly coveted awards and earned him his status as among one of the best mixologists in the nation.

“I strive to do things differently. I want our guests to remember what they drank just as much as what they ate - I want them to experience it the way I do,” Thrasher explains. This is evident through his wine pairings that accompany the Restaurant Eve tasting menus, as well as his highly coveted Edenesque Cocktails, created with exceptional and unique ingredients, many of which are house-made such as Tonic Water. He is soon to embark on the less ‘high test--’ a series of homemade sodas developed especially for The Majestic. His specialty cocktails and creations have been applauded by many, including Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema:

    “Sipping "Peaches and Herb" through a thin metal straw, I'm reminded that sommelier Todd Thrasher is
     also one
of the best mixologists anywhere.”

Thrasher is also partner in Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper, the speakeasy lounge upstairs, PX, and The Majestic, all located in Old Town Alexandria. At PX, named for VIP patrons of Eve, Thrasher executes “bar magic” to guests with whimsical cocktails to the likings of retro favorites such as Las Ramblas, created with house made Cola, house made sweet Vermouth, and Barbancourt rum, and Hollyhocktail, a blend of Hibiscus, coconut water, Cruzan rum and Canton ginger cognac. At The Majestic, a historic local institution serving Virginia fare, he offers classic cocktails with their derivations, such as a Mint Julep made with Jim Beam Bourbon, mint and sugar on crushed ice noting this first appeared in print in 1803 described as a “dram of spirituous liquor that has mint in it, taken by Virginians in the morning. Also known as the Kentucky Derby cocktail.” Thrasher’s Classic Egg Creams also appear on the restaurant’s menu. At Restaurant Eve, highlights include Gin and “Tonic, ”house made “Tonic” with Citadelle Gin and The Black Bass, a surprising and delicious concoction of fennel liqueur, fennel syrup, roasted oranges and olives.

Thrasher’s cocktails are often not merely terrific libations, but they can also have a unique ‘back-story.’ When Chef Cathal Armstrong was trying to quit smoking, Todd’s answer was to create The Smoker’s Delight, for PX, which uses Old Virginia Tobacco and Virginia-made honey both in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, and in order to help his friend forgo his pack a day habit. He recently created the Plight of the Honey Bee, an elixir of honey liqueur, honey vinegar, honey syrup, and Jim Beam that sports the insect’s stripes and is designed to focus attention on the disappearance of these enormously beneficial creatures and I Cuddah Binnah Contendah, made with Barbancourt ‘8 Year’ Rum, Domaine de Canton, Pineapple and Cilantro a humorous nod to the unfortunate and accidental hot liquid/cold glass shattering of a cocktail vessel which managed to disqualify him from a recent Domaine de Canton Bartender Competition.

Coming in 2009, Eve’s Bar-Kitchen will be added, expanding the restaurant into the second floor of this historic building where cocktails take an ‘interactive’ approach and Private Bar Chef Classes will also be offered.

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