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The Washington Post Express: Up to snuff (November 2013)
A few years back, Restaurant Eve chef Cathal Armstrong was trying to quit smoking. His master mixologist, Todd Thrasher, decided to taunt him during his detox with a cigarette-inspired cocktail, the Smoker’s Delight ($13), which he featured on the menu at his nearby speakeasy, PX.
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Virginia Living: Best of Virginia 2013 (April 2013)
In January, Virginia Living asked its readers, for their ‘bests’ across the five regions of Virginia — Central, Eastern, Northern, Southwestern and the Shenandoah Valley. More than 25,000 readers submitted their thoughts on where to find the best our state has to offer, from the best movie theater in Southwestern Virginia to the best food festival in the Shenandoah Valley.
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If There’s Smoke, There’s a Bartender (February 2012)
Smoker's Delight: Mr. Thrasher takes three or four different kinds of tobacco, steeps them in hot water for five minutes, strains it, adds sugar and reduces the mixture. He mixes a few drops of this with bourbon, honey syrup and lemon juice.
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The Chef is Pouring: A GQ Guide to Cocktails (January 2012)
Bartender-owner Todd Thrasher uses ingredients from his mini-empire of Alexandria restaurants to create a cocktail menu that reads like a farmers'-market shopping list.
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Food and Wine: 50 Best Bars in America (December 2011)
Todd Thrasher makes the cocktails at this chandelier-lit speakeasy (there's no sign outside, just a blue light). It's owned by the team behind the terrific Restaurant Eve.
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Food & Wine Magazine (June 2011)
Norfolk Dumpling: Todd Thrasher of PX in Alexandria, Virginia, adds homemade duck sauce to tequila, pisco and bitters, then garnishes the drink with a shrimp cracker.
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The Daily Meal (June 2011)
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InTheMO (March 2011)
…a throw-back to the way things used to be.
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Worth (January 2011)
Chicago, L.A., New York, Hong Kong, Paris, London, South America, Australia and Seattle--the editors at Worth magazine certainly had their passports in order when they set out to put together a list of the "Top 10 (Secret) Hot Spots" for a man with a thirst.
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Vimeo (January 2011)
An Artist at Work - ...Thrasher's style is a throwback to the slow food movement. Rums are infused with spices for days, tonics are made at home, and ingredients are usually local.
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Gentleman’s Quarterly Magazine (October 2010)
The 25 Best Cocktail Bars in America - They are the great American invention. And there has never been a better time to drink them
than now.
Gentlemans Quarterly Magazine
The Huffington Post (April 2010)
Todd Wins! - Mixologist Todd Thrasher and Team USA take home the gold at the 42Below Cocktail World Cup in New Zealand this year.
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Reason TV (April 2010)
Cocktail Shakedown: The New War Against Classic Mixed Drinks
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Cheers Magazine (February 2010)
“Todd Thrasher's Chef’s Approach to cocktails”
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Virginia Living (April 2010)
“I didn’t want to open a bar where people are reaching over me or blowing smoke in my face,” explains Todd Thrasher, PX's owner and master mixologist, ...
Virginia Living Magazine Cover, April 2010
New York Pix Morning News (March 2010)
Todd Thrasher to represent the US team in the 42 Below-'Cocktail World Cup' in New Zealand
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Southern Living (February 2010)
Our favorite bartenders around the South created special drink recipes for our readers. Each concoction is as unique as its creator.
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Thrillist (February 2010)
Coolest Date Ever: PX’s V-Day Cocktail Tasting ...
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The Wall Street Journal (February 2010)
Chefs like Cathal Armstrong, Grant Achatz and Wylie Dufresne are trying to revolutionize the mixed drink. Gelée whiskey, anyone?
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Urban Daddy (December 2009)
Presenting 'Gimme S'more' Liquid Campfire in a glass.
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Northern Virginia Magazine (September 2009)
Crash and Learn: Infiltrating the Area’s Most Exclusive Dining Ventures • PX...
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Santé, PX: The New Mixology (May 2009)
At a handful of restaurant bars around the country, you’re likely to find the bartender in the kitchen...
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Washingtonian: 75 Best Bars (March 2009)
We ordered drinks, sampled snacks and checked out hundreds of establishments-all to find the hottest spots on the after-hour scene
Washingtonian, March 2009 Cover
Bon Appétit (April 2009)
Help Save the Honeybee—with a Cocktail.
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Food & Beverage (March 2009)
Reviving and Redefining the Cocktail Culture.
Food & Beverage magazine cover, March 2009
Bon Appétit (April 2009)
Thrasher’s Double R-Daiquiri-Style and Substance.
Bon Appétit magazine cover, April 2009
Santé, PX: The Speakeasy Reborn (March/April 2009)
PX stands for person extraordinaire, the French term for VIP.
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Wine Enthusiast (June 2009)
Thrasher’s Bacon-flavored cocktail offers a savory, salty spin. Here piggy, piggy!
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The Observer, Escape (January 2009)
Let us take you to a secret bar we know...
See the full article which includes PX as one of the Hippest Bars Around the Globe.
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Washingtonian.com, Buzzed (February 2009)
This week, Domaine de Canton’s Bartender of the Year finalist Todd Thrasher shows us how to make the rum-based Number 6. (Video)
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Imbibe (January/February 2009)
THE SECRET SOCIETY: Inside the shady, civilized world of the modern speakeasy...
Imbibe magazine cover, January/February 2009
DCist (Decenber 2008)
Todd Thrasher, Bartender at PX in Alexandria, VA, celebrates Repeal Day by showing us how to make a Pisco Punch. (Video)
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USA Today (Decenber 2008)
10 Great Places to Slip into a Modern Speakeasy
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Food & Wine Magazine 20th Anniversary Special (July 2008)
Hall of Fame 50 Best New Chefs - We love all of our Best New Chefs from the past two decades, but these 50 exemplify four different kinds of success stories: as entrepreneurs, hometown heroes, creative visionaries or one-restaurant monogamists. By Jane Sigal
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Beverage Network (December 2008)
Spotlight on the Speakeasy...
Beverage Network Magazine
Travel Magazine (November 2008)
Once a small Verginia town with cobblestones & brick streets and faded facades, Alexandria today is a vibrant mix of old and new, with the heartbeat of community pride.
Travel magazine
Speakeasies are creeping into cities across the nation serving libations inspired by Prohibition-ear recipes. By Tony Ware
Go magazine
Spirit Magazine (October 2008)
In this issue, The Expert... Todd Thrasher thwarts physics with this Citrusy Treat.
Spirit magazine
I'll Take The Manhattan (July 2008)
"The Manhattan has a special place in my heart," Thrasher says.
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Map Magazine-Miami's Art Magazine (July 2008)
SPEAK EASY For those in the know, hidden bars represent a novel and more exclusive way to imbibe.
Map Magazine Cover
A Lighter Way to Mix It Up (June 2008)
Over the past year, there has been plenty of talk in bar and restaurant circles about wine-based cocktails. Some people in the industry have even coined the term "winetails," I guess mainly because people can't resist coining ridiculous terms.
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Better Living Through Chemistry (March 2008)
Many molecular cocktails are variations on the classics. “The Real McCoy is an homage to a gin and sweet vermouth martini, but my version is all about playing with texture,” says Todd Thrasher of PX and Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, Virginia.
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Mixologist Crafts 2 Cocktails to Ward Off Winter (Dec. 2007)
To watch Todd Thrasher of Alexandria's Restaurant Eve and PX make a drink cultivates a sense of possibility — whatever he's making will be intensely relaxing and surprisingly delightful, whether it's minimalist liquor on the rocks or a multi-ingredient cocktail.
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Imbibe Magazine (Nov./Dec. 2007)
“It’s pomegranate season, and I once read a story about Thomas Jefferson being the first to bring the delicious fruit to the United States. Restaurant Eve is in Virginia, home to Jefferson. And Virginia’s in the South, home to Southern Comfort.”—Todd Thrasher, Restaurant Eve, PX and the Majestic, Alexandria, Va.
Imbibe Magazine Cover
StarChefs.Com International Chefs Congress (Sept. 2007)
Don’t miss the most important professional culinary event in the US this year: a three-day culinary symposium where the world’s most influential and innovative chefs will present the latest techniques and culinary concepts to their chef peers.
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Be a Bold Mix Master (August 2007)
When I told people I planned to make maraschino cherries and cocktail onions, as well as infuse my own spirits and bitters, they looked baffled. It was if I had told them I would be performing open-heart surgery in the living room.
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Summer Cocktail Trends: Want Tobacco in That Drink?
(August 2007)
Bourbon, long neglected as a mixer, is seeing new life at the hands of local mixologists. Todd Thrasher has created a special bourbon drink at PX, his Old Town Alexandria speakeasy, to honor the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown.
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Cool Drinks from the Mind of Todd Thrasher (August 2007)
The liquid savant/sommelier at Restaurant Eve, Eamonn's and the speakeasy PX recently helped reopen The Majestic...
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Speakeasy Street (April 2007)
At PX, a swank Washington, D.C.–area bar, the hum of jazz and the clink of ice is the soundtrack for glamorous 30-somethings sipping martinis on vintage sofas under imported cut-glass chandeliers.
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Raised Spirits (March 2007)
8 of the country's top mixologists share what's on their plates in terms of what's in their cups and offer a guide to their favorite lairs.
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Food & Wine: 100 Tastes You Must Try in 2007 (Jan. 2007)
Todd Thrasher at PX in Alexandria, Virginia, makes more than a dozen bitters and his own tonics, sodas and vermouth.
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PX: I Love You (Jan. 2007)
We gaze up to see the Jolly Roger flying. The sign on the corner reads Eammon’s: A Dublin Chipper, but we are not looking for fish and chips. My date removes his white glove and rings the doorbell. We watch as a slate slides open behind a tiny caged window.
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Local D.C. Stars To Shake Up James Beard Media Awards
(May 2007)
Rising star and "liquid savant" Todd Thrasher, of Alexandria’s Restaurant Eve, the popular PX, a speakeasy in Old Town, and Eamonn’s Dublin Chipper, has generated a buzz among DC’s elite with his use of farm fresh ingredients and innovative recipes.
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Authors, Mixologists & VIPS (July 2007)
A Virginia native, Todd Thrasher came to Restaurant Eve (110 S. Pitt Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 703.706.0450, www.restauranteve.com) with a distinguished zeal for wine, a keen eye for the freshest ingredients and a deep love of the hospitality industry.
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Speakeasies With a Twist (April 2007)
... PX abjure prepacked mixers like sweet-and-sour. All the fruit juices used are freshs-queezed. Once you get used to cocktails made with fresh ingredients, you'll never settle for the squirt-gun substitute.
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The Cherry on Top (March 2007)
It's long been a Washington Restaurant tradition to welcome the National Cherry Blossom Festival with food and drink fare known as the "Cherry Picks." For the 95th anniversary, cocktail chef Todd Thrasher has turned his spirits savvy on the red orbs....
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Cocktail Corner (Feb. 2007)
Come Valentine’s Day, we either toast eternal love before a roaring fire or roast marshmallows over the flaming photos of Mr. Wrong. This cocktail covers both—the bitter and the sweet...
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America’s Top 10 Bartenders (Jan. 2007)
America’s best bartenders are not those oh-so-talented men and women who can juggle three liquor bottles while singing country tunes. And they are not the folks who merely give you a free round (though that is indeed a wonderful thing). Mixing drinks has become an art form...
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Rising Stars (Dec. 2006)
Rising Stars are culinary professionals who represent the vanguard of the contemporary American dining scene. They are able to see beyond the four walls of their own restaurant and are...
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Oh! Get a Room (Holiday 2006)
Treat your guests to a holiday party in a private dining room at a top
local restaurant, and leave everything, from prep to the washing up,
to the pros.
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Look Who's Talking (Oct. 2006)
Surrounded by antique silver cocktail shakers and retro bar tools, Todd Thrasher is in his element. With the opening of PX—the throwback speakeasy above Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper...
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A Cozy Modern Day Speakeasy (Oct. 20, 2006)
There’s no sign outside, but when the pirate flag flies and the blue
light is on, the "speakeasy" above Eamonn's restaurant is hopping
with folks enjoying exquisite retro-style cocktails.
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Downsize Me (Sept. 22, 2006)
Then, sneak around back to an unmarked red door, ring the buzzer,
and head into PX, a speakeasy where mix-master Todd Thrasher has
concocted seven house bitters, his own sweet vermouth, and a ...
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