"From the rockin' mixer who wowed and wooed the nation with his craft cocktails at the speakeasy PX, fine dining gem Restaurant Eve, gastro-tavern Virtue, and the food circus of Society Fair; Todd Thrasher, the granddaddy of grown up drinks explodes with his latest hits ~ T.N.T"

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"Named after his son Trystan Noah, Thrasher shakes it all night long in his rock-n-roll bar with homage to riffs, lyrics and memories of rock favorites.

At Bar TNT you'll find screaming cocktail solos based on songs from his favorite bands; To wit: The Sweetest Thing (vodka, mint syrup, ginger beer), the Slash-motivated Cocktail Left on the Nightstand (flat Coke, smoked Jack Daniel's) and an Avett Brothers–inspired drink made with pinecones from his yard.

T.N.T sharin' the love and good times." -- Eat Good Productions

Rock on.

Open at 5pm Daily
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