These cocktails take time. But when skill and passion are combined…one can expect a masterpiece.
History has its place at our ‘20’s fashioned speak-easy; the building is historic, all the wood-work original, chandeliers imported and the vibe-Classy. We chose to forgo the sleek-modern bar. Instead the word that came to mind was-Renaissance.
So dear friends, slide on a jacket, don the jewels and step into our world.
If you are in the area without a reservation please stop by if the blue light is on and knock the door. We may have some space available, alternatively, join us at the luxe wine bar Society Fair only 2 blocks away.
Style Guide
Please refrain from wearing flip-flops, shorts, tanks, tees, caps and hats (we do not have a hat stand). Wear jeans in... just not worn out.
We invite you to revisit a time when dressing up was de rigeur; gents add a jacket, ladies you know what to do. Just a simple request on our part to set the mood.
For Bar Manager Inquiries : Andrius[at]eatgoodfoodgroup[dot]com
For Press Inquiries: Meshe[at]restauranteve[dot]com
All reservations for PX are taken online, please use the form above. Alternatively please make your reservation directly with CityEats: https://secure.cityeats.com/dc/restaurants/px-lounge-dc
Available times are displayed in green and are clickable; if no times show for a particular date, or if they are grayed out it means PX is fully booked. We only seat 25 guests at any given time.
Reservations can be made one month in advance; maximum party size for a reservation is 8; groups larger than 8 are considered a private party.
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